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Sandblasting, Painting & Specialty Coatings

In 1990, we expanded our business to include 21,000 square feet of in-house sandblasting, painting, and specialty coating capabilities that we’ve been providing customers with ever since. This facility is one of the largest in Southwestern Ontario, featuring a 7,000 square foot sandblasting bay, and a 14,000 foot paint area.

One of the Largest Facilities in South-Western Ontario

Sanblasting & Painting Services



We offer sandblasting services to customers in Essex County and Southwestern Ontario from our 7,000 square foot sandblasting bay. Among the largest in Southwestern Ontario, this substantial portion of our facility is perfectly set up to accommodate sandblasting projects of almost any size or shape, from small parts, pieces and components to large heavy equipment and industrial projects including restorations.

Painting & Specialty Coatings

This 14,000 square foot area of our facility allows us to do more than just paint. We can also apply a variety of specialty coatings, including almost any high build epoxy, zinc coatings, urethane, enamel topcoats, and specialty coatings. These services are complemented by our in-house baking capabilities, making us truly a one-stop shop for painting and coating in Southwestern Ontario.


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